Who can be a member?

OSHAssociation Membership is open to individuals/professionals with knowledge or certificates related to health, safety, security and environment. Generally, if your occupation or organisation involves in technical activities or ensures employees’ safety by developing and enforcing safe procedures and policies that guarantees safety of lives and properties, you can be a member.

How can I become an Individual Member?

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds who have an interest in Health, Safety, Security and Environment to join us as members and become part of our growing international community. OSHAssociation is a place for all, regardless of experience, country, title, colour or course of study.

How can my organisation become a Corporate Member?

Becoming a member is easy. The requirement for corporate membership is simple and straightforward. Generally speaking, we welcomes majority-owned companies of all shapes and sizes so long as they comply to safety standards and procedures at workplace, pay their dues, report incidents and ready to demonstrate their commitment to occupational safety and health best practices. We require active participation from all of our corporate members so that we’re going beyond talking points and actually delivering on our promise to promote safety and save lives within their industries.

In view of the above, you can contact the membership department on membership@oshassociation.org or proceed to register online.

What are the Reasons for Corporate Membership?

As a certified Corporate Member, you will have access to all of the corporate member benefits that we provide and select those that best support your needs or organisation. You will have access to multiple information, events and updates where thought leadership and practical experience can be shared with decision-makers in the profession. Our membership spans industry, government and academic communities.

Being an OSHAssociation Corporate Member not only allows your employees to gain full access to our member benefits and CPD but demonstrates your organisations’ commitment to safety best practice.
Our corporate membership is designed to boost the capabilities of your team and keep them updated with safety information and various safety solutions.