Eng. Hafeez Rehman


"Generally my testimony of my professional life so far goes first and foremost; all thanks to God almighty for the opportunity to get in-touch with OSHAssociation UK. Joining OSHAssociation as a learner and then a Trainer was a welcome and appreciable one, the Organization is doing a wonderful job as to have well designed safety programs and qualified instructors. Finally, I will say it was one of the best things that ever happened to me in this lifetime, to join OSHAssociation UK platform to help humanity by promoting safety and saving lives. "


Anas Yals

United Arab Emirates

I have learned something important and challenging about every meeting and engagement I have ever had with OSHAssociation. The place is a magical combination of new ideas and incredible expertise, all wrapped up in a warm blanket of trust.


Naim Bdida


OSHAssociation is a dynamic and professional organisation and it is an inspiration in the safety field. I am happy to be an active member of the Association. I commend the Association on its continued growth and its service to the global HSE community.