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On behalf of our Student Management Team, we welcome every international student to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (known as OSHAssociation). This session is open for students who want to build a career in safety or interested in adding safety knowledge and skills to their career choice as an added advantage.
With OSHAssociation and as an international student member, you can grow your future career, build your network, expand your education, connect with industry experts and earn scholarships in any related Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) programmes.

Your international student membership means a lot to your career, Join Today!

Becoming a professional safety practitioner is a smooth journey when you make the right decision from the start not just having a safety certificate. It’s a serious commitment you make about your future career. At OSHAssociation, we provide you with more opportunities to learn, build your network, expand your education, grow your career, connect with industry experts and earn scholarships.


Joining our Network of Emerging Safety Professionals as an international student member is the best that can happen to any student in any discipline, especially students doing science related programmes.
OSHAssociation is a proactive platform for every interested student to connect with the next generation of safety professionals for the purpose of producing safety conscious workforce for industries globally.


We are a network of Emerging Safety Professionals dedicated to investing in the future of OSHAssociation student members and the safety profession by identifying, connecting and developing leaders who are just entering the OSH field.

  • Our student management team provides lots of opportunities for student members to connect with great resources and great mentors while learning the skills needed to be great leaders.
  • We provide a unique support by engaging students and entry-level to mid-career safety professionals within OSHAssociation Networks.
  • To ensure grass root development of our students, we provide local, international and virtual networking and collaboration opportunities within various high schools, colleges and universities globally, for the purpose of bringing members together to advocate on OSH challenges within their locations.
  • We provide intellectual support and resources to international student chapters to support their learning activities and development.

Any student that gets involved with OSHAssociation will always gain the knowledge, skills and abilities required to be successful safety professionals in any industry.

OSHAssociation is connect rising Environmental Health and Safety students with the experienced professionals and mentors in the OSH field to help sustain the future of the profession; creating lifelong relationships among members; and enhance mentees’ leadership skills and business opportunities

Occupational Safety and Health is an interesting field with high interest in all sectors, you can volunteer to serve in any capacity towards advocating and promoting safety to save lives. You can also consider to lead under the platform of OSHAssociation in your institution and ensure other students join the Association to benefit as well.
As a volunteer leader, you can lend your time and expertise to our many initiatives such as Student Chapter initiative and driving any of the capacity building programmes to impact the students in your institution while developing transferable leadership and team-building skills.
Students Leadership positions within OSHAssociation help members to reach their highest level of performance, both on their career job and in the Society.



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