Grants FAQs

Yes. Very necessary, at least one letter of recommendation from any recognized corporate organization is required. Letters are an important piece of the review and scoring of applications, so you are highly encouraged to request up to three letters of recommendations, if possible. The letter (s) will give you an advantage.
Before applying for the grant, take your time and find out your level of interest and passion for the profession; thoughtfully and clearly answer the question. A big part of how applicants are rated comes from how reality is your passion for the profession. Reviewers are looking for your passion for the profession, and how you have and will play a part in enhancing the future of the profession starting from what you have done in your country. Be specific. This is the time to show your seriousness and commitment even as a student! The important factors and questions include:
  • What made you to have interest in safety education
  • Purpose of request and exact, itemized amount needed.
  • What are your career goals and how will this grant help you achieve them?
  • What roles or leadership positions have you taken within the safety community?
  • Describe your financial need and reason for requesting this grant.
  • How will the professional education you’re seeking increase your business acumen in the business side of the safety profession.
Every application shall be reviewed by the Grant/Scholarship Committee Members of the OSHAssociation Foundation. The Committee awards scores to each application based on the points and fasts, approval is granted. The Committee will assess the applications based on:
  • The level of your commitment in promoting safety in your community with proofs
  • Academic performance and training acquired on health and safety or related field
  • Proof of Leadership in OSHAssociation activities or the broader safety community by working with other safety institutions.
  • Self motivations for entering the field and how you plan on achieving your goals as an OSH professional.
  • Letters of recommendation that speak to the above aspects (at least one required, but get up to three if you can!)
Your grant check will be issued once you provide the committee with any other additional documentation required. At this point, the regional office of OSHAssociation in your country will be contacted, for necessary support to ensure the money get to you.
Generally, grants are intended for OS&H professionals continuing their education via seminars, conferences, certification, etc. Students may be eligible for a grant if they are enrolled part-time and currently working in an OS&H or related field. Otherwise, if you are a full-time student or do not work in an OS&H field, consider applying to the Scholarship Program instead.
Yes, all of our professional education grants are available to non-UK citizens.
No, applicants are not eligible for subsequent awards due to limited funding.
OSHAssociation membership is not required, but may be an advantage.
To obtain an application for membership, contact the Membership Unit for assistance via
Grant Award recipients will be notified through the email address provided. In addition, the award recipients’ names will be posted on the OSHAssociation website.
No. At this time, they are not considered an eligible expense. Due to limited funding, travel expenses will not be considered for reimbursement. Only submit requests for registration fees, exam fees, or college coursework.
No. In most cases, scholarships are intended for students attending a university full-time or part-time. Professional education grants are intended professionals working in the EH&S industry taking a college course, attending a conference, or working on safety related certification. If you have any questions on which programme you should apply to, please contact