Upgrade Membership

The goal of most of those who join the association is to reach the grade of “Full Membership/Fellowship”. This qualification is validated by a thorough examination of a candidate’s experience, strengths and weaknesses, and is therefore recognised throughout the world as proof of expertise.

If you are already a full member and have worked at a senior level in the industry for at least fifteen years and above then you could be suitable for Fellowship “FOSHA”, after thorough evaluation by the membership team. This is the highest grade of membership at OSHAssociation worldwide.

Complete the membership UPGRADE FORM and return it to the OSHAssociation office/regional representative closest to you. Student (graduate) members should upgrade within one year of joining the association based on their experience.
Each application is approved by the Membership Committee who evaluates candidates’ performances and experiences based on their request for upgrading. Successful applicants shall receive e-mails confirming their successful admittance to their choices of upgrade. Candidates shall receive their Welcome Packs with NEW OSHAssociation Certificates of Membership, while maintaining their existing membership numbers. The upgrade takes approximately four weeks after receiving an upgrading e-mail confirming the successful submission of requirements.
Once a candidate receives a confirmation e-mail from OSHAssociation, they can use the designation after their name(s).
  • Graduate Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Full Membership
  • Fellowship

A member must fulfill the following mandatory requirements for upgrade of his/her Membership status:

  • Fulfill the statutory period between grades of membership
  • Graduate to Associate Member = 2 years
  • Associate to Full Member = 6 years
  • Full Member to Fellow = 15+ years
  • Meet all financial obligations (Subscription Fees) up to date
  • Complete an Upgrading Request Form
  • Send a Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae showing details of employment history to date and key responsibilities of positions held.
  • Attach all relevant credentials/certificates
  • List your contribution(s) to the Association’s live activities
  • Present evidence of regular attendance at the Association’s Activities. (e.g Annual Conferences, AGM, Annual special events, and Exhibitions).
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Multi-year Membership is available for one, two or three years. Get a 5% discount for a two year membership, a 10% discount for a three year membership. Multi-site Discounts are applicable to corporate membership.
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