Healthy Employees are the Safest, Happiest and Most Productive at Work

An effective team results in the achievement of business goals and overall success, it is not just about having the skills for the job, there is more to it. Every member of a team can only perform well under two conditions: First, they must be in an environment that is conducive to encourage productivity, and second, each employee must be in a very healthy state.

Many people forget the role their health plays in how well they perform at work until they fall ill and take a sick leave— how can one even contribute when they are not well?

As a manager, it is important to know the steps to take to manage your employees well to ensure they are more productive.

The Relationship Between Health and Employee Performance.

The typical justification for prioritising employee health is to avoid employee absenteeism. The point is this, employees can do their works well if they are healthy. However, more than just attendance, good health and productivity have also been found to be interwoven. Participating in wellness programs has a way of improving employees well being.

Studies have been carried out to link mental health and employee engagement and this enhances successful behaviour. Apart from being happy and facing little or no mental distress, well-being was also defined as meeting basic psychological needs such as autonomy, competence, and employee engagement.

Psychological health and mental wellbeing are essential ingredients of professional improvement.

Enquiring about the health of your employees and making room to improve on it makes them better workers. They can then perform any duty they are required to do.

Do you know why the health of your employees should be the number one priority? Health is wealth!

Tips for Creating Health and Wellness in the Workplace.

There are several ways that managers and supervisors can leverage the resources available to them to prioritise health and wellness for their teams.


Below are useful tips you can consider:

  1. Empower Your Workspace

Work environments have been found to affect overall employee feat, so it only makes sense to make empowering and investing in your workspace a top priority. When making improvements, your employees’ physical health should come first and this should be taken note of by choosing ergonomic elements. By so doing, employees remain comfortably safe as they work and don’t develop body aches.

Even just an ergonomically designed office chair can make a world of difference, as standard chairs can cause pains in body joints.

Most standard office chairs are not ergonomically designed hence they are not worker-friendly. Invest also in a standing desk to discourage a sedentary lifestyle.


  1. Establish break periods

It is now a norm that you must work hard to be fulfilled without even taking time to stretch. How sad!

As a manager, establish break periods that are proper and essential for productivity. That way, there is room to refresh and get back to work.


  1. Wellness Programs should be incorporated into your work calendar.

Wellness programs are an excellent way to boost employee engagement because they’re a more fun way to get to know colleagues — without the tensions of work.

If your team members are hesitant to join exercise fitness programs, then motivate their participation in wellness programs. Soon, they’ll get involved without your prompting and build better relationships at work!

With more employees returning to the workplace, ensuring that they are in good health is a greater focus than ever, especially with the Coronavirus not completely out of sight yet. Effective and productive work can be encouraged in various ways, making sure this is achieved is by investing in your employees, what you’ll get in return will be beyond expectation.

Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) is an effective institution focused on workers well-being and safety, kindly reach out to us in any area we can assist you or your organisation further in achieving a healthy and safe working environment. Kindly reach us at info@oshassociation.org

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