Singapore FPSO World Congress 2023
From September 19th 2023, 10:00:00 am
to September 22nd 2023, 10:00:00 am
On Site

Optimising Market Opportunities to Drive FPSO Projects On-Time & On-Budget

There is a total of 56 planned FPSO projects between 2023 – 2027, alongside an increase in energy demand and projects across the Oil and Gas sector. At the same time, global players are trying to align with societal pressures of the “energy transition” which takes time, investments and talent to realize, also considering the need for proactive safety compliance.
There is now a huge strain on the industry’s supply chain and shipyard capacity, leading to massive uncertainties around projects that can happen. With order-books becoming filled and industry stakeholders struggling with limited resources, FPSO leaders are faced with the stress of getting their planned projects in order.  
Occupational Safety and Health is becoming a major key for the sustainability of projects in various industries; therefore, it is now ever critical for industry players to review FPSO project execution strategies, manage supply chain disruption, explore alternative financing and contracting models, and effectively leverage technology – all to ensure FPSO projects progress on-time and on-budget, also with required safety measures in place. 
FPSO World Congress 2023 is the leading FPSO-focused gathering for industry players to explore best practices in strengthening the future of FPSOs by navigating market and supply chain uncertainties to drive FPSO Projects on time and on-budget.

OSHAssociation will be participating in the event and wish to welcome all industry stakeholders and professionals to this year's edition. For more information and registration purposes, kindly email and visit the official event website for updates:

Testimonials from our Valued Attendees:

"An excellent event, which brought together all the key players in the FPSO sector who collectively provided new ways of more effectively managing our business as part of the global energy mix and transition."

"Without a doubt the best FPSO conference for many years. A good combination of exhibitions and presentations made this the place to be!"

"FPSO World Congress is a good platform! Not only to network with the entire FPSO community but also to exchange our companies' inspirations and directions for the future."

The FPSO Global Series is a series of FPSO-focused events happening around the world. These gatherings of key industry stakeholders explore best practices in strengthening the future of FPSOs by navigating market and supply chain uncertainties to drive FPSO projects on time and on-budget.     

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