Executive Director- Operations – United Kingdom

Dr. Waleed Montasser is a Chartered Waste Manager and Chartered Environmentalist and Occupational Health and Safety Professional with over 15 years in environmental, wastes and resources management as well as the circular economy. Dr. Montasser has worked with various wastes and environmental organisations in the UK such as DEFRA, WRAP and internationally with UNIDO, HP and Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA). For example, Dr. Montasser was part of an EU Mission to Chile.

The Mission aimed to share EU best practices in municipal waste management with key stakeholders. This included meeting with stakeholders and delivering a public workshop discussing the future of wastes management in Chile. Dr. Montasser is now working with local partners in Chile to complete a follow-up project with the support of the EU. In addition, Dr. Montasser is currently working, as a Director of IREEMS Ltd UK, with clients in Morocco and Nigeria in relation to wastes management and resource efficiency.

Waleed has been working in research projects in relation circular economy, such as The ReBus projects (Resource Efficient Business Models) (a Life+ funded project) and currently, is the coordinator of Circular Economy Working Group at RESURBE Project (2014-2016). RESURBE project is supported by UNESCO Chair on Sustainability and aims to help facilitate knowledge to government and universities on the resilience of cities. Waleed was part of E-Waste Extended Producer responsibility working group for Nigeria with stakeholders such as HP, DELL, UNIDO and NESREA. The group aims to enhance the e-waste management in Nigeria.

Waleed is currently working on consultancy tasks in Morocco and Nigeria in relation to wastes management and resource efficiency. Waleed published in various national and international conferences as well as per-reviewed journals (e.g. Wastes Management, Resources, Conservation and Recycling). Waleed has a BSc. in Food Science and Technology, MSc. Environmental Pollution Science and PhD in Waste Management.

Dr. Waleed belonge to many international organization such as Occupational Safety and Health Association United Kingdom (OSHAssociation UK) as a Fellow and currently a member of the Board and Executive Direction Operations, based in the United Kingdom.

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