Safety Orientation: What the Workers Need to Know

Make sure your new hires are prepared to work safely right from the start. Your organization has recently filled some of open positions, and it’s time to put new employees to work. First, though, you need to make sure they understand your facility’s safety ins and outs. This checklist can help you ensure that you […]

Chemical Spill Response Training

Taking immediate and appropriate action after a chemical spill can save lives. If hazardous chemicals are present at your facility, train employees in how to react should an emergency occur. Today’s Advisor gives you a basic outline for a chemical spill training session. Here are some key actions employees need to be trained to take […]

OSHAssociation Support Unit

OSHAssociation Support Unit is set up to help member organizations achieve maximum and adequate Health and Safety Compliance in their organization through partnership with the association through enforcing and administering all occupational safety and health standards and regulations. For workplace safety and health questions or assistance from OSHAssociation Consultation Services,  email us at .You […]

Obtain a FREE Consultation

OSHAssociation provides consultative assistance to organizations and employees’ visit through a variety of services including: On-site Visits/Assessment ReportOff-site Consultation (Telephone Support via your local region office)Educational Materials (Publications and Web Resources) Safety Awareness & Training (Certification programs)Partnership Programs (via corporate membership alliance) On-Site Visit/AssessmentMembers of the association can seek the assistance of their local region, […]

Partnership Programme

OSHAssociation has recognized the potential for improving workplace safety and health when industry stakeholders and organization work together in a co-operative manner to achieve ZERO accident and injury at workplace. We have developed a program that helps industry of various sizes to work as partner in encouraging and recognizing workplace safety and health program effectively […]

OSHAssociation UK kick-starts Online Master Class Training on Occupational Safety and Health.

The above is following the massive need for effective safety professionals globally, especially in assisting in arresting the present health crisis (COVID 19) in terms of developing prevention strategies, controlling its threats and creating the required awareness of this health hazards within the workplace and in the society. In view of the above, Occupational Safety […]


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