Jacob De Jonge, FOSHA

Executive Board Member- Netherlands

Jacob de Jonge is a seasoned Occupational Safety and Health Professional and training executive from Netherlands, graduated from Orange Nassau Maritime Academy for dredging as a dredge Master, with great passion for knowledge and skills transfer on advance safety programs and courses, like firefighting and protective measures including respiratory protection, knowledge of safety procedures and the use of the appropriate equipment, basic sea survival techniques and use of lifesaving appliances, personal hygiene and protection of the marine environment.

Training is based on the resolution 19 of the international convention on standard of training, certification and watchkeeping for sea farers in maritime industry.

Jacob, with over 40 years of experience in resolving safety challenges in various sector, he has caved an inch for himself in the world of safety, starting his career in 1970 as a deskhand with Adrian Volker leering in Holland. In 1972 he worked as a dredge skipper with sliedrchecht 23 and in 1974 he was transferred to CH3 on the maasvlakte in Rotterdam with sliedrecht 16, a cutter suction dredger, he has travelled around the world working with international dredging companies particularly sliedrecht 21, a CSD in Richard bay, South Africa, with his high level of technical and intellectual capacity, applling international safety best practice, he has commissioned new dredger for Damen in Africa countries like Maldives, Angola, Nigeria, Brazil, Azerbbadjan, etc.

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