Andy Wenzel, FOSHA

Executive Director- Germany

Andy is a highly motivated HSE professional with determination and capability of convincing others to achieve HSE goals and capable of working under pressure to achieve objectives. Who studied at Ludwig Maximilins University (LMU) Munich, Germany with degree in computer sciences and business economics.
Having HSE experience in construction, refineries, power plants, heavy erection works for refineries, shutdown task force jobs, hospitals and IT parks construction, an effective trainer on various HSE subjects with multilingual communication skills.

Due to his massive experience in computer science, he was made section manager for data comms responsible for the complete curriculum and the deployment of approx. 25 employees (internal and external).
From 1989 worldwide deployment as instructor (USA, Far East, Europe, courses held in English) and takeover of the UTS (Amdahl UNIX) and VM divisions as section leader. Responsible for planning and development of courses, coordination of instructors, education sales, catalogue production and active education operations.
From 1992 manager of customer education with responsibility for 40 internal and ca. 25 external employees with an annual budget of ca. 13 million Euros. Administration and Organisation for worldwide education centres. Health and safety coordinator for computer environment.
Health, Safety and Environmental Professional with 22 years experience including working on large scale energy and construction projects, with additional skills in Business Risk Management and Quality Assurance and Control.

Extensive experience history in all aspects of Engineering, Oil and Gas, Construction and the Water Sector, with good record of best safety and health management system. He join Occupational Safety and Health known as OSHAssociation as a fellow member and executive board member, for the purpose of promoting safety in the industry and globally.

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