Aims and Objectives


  • To promote the interest of and foster closer ties and relationships among its members worldwide.
  • To promote development and professional best practices on Occupational Safety and Health service delivery in the industry.
  • To carry out advocacy and awareness campaigns on Occupational Safety and Health in the society.
  • To contribute and express its views on all related regulations, policies, and legislation on Occupational Safety and Health in any region.
  • To collaborate with public and private cooperate bodies with similar aims and objectives in various regions and globally.
  • To join leading organisations in the promotion and advancement of Occupational Safety and health in the societies and industries.
  • To assist in creating easy access to Occupational safety and health information and capacity building that will reduce the cases of fatalities, accidents/injuries in industries.
  • To empower members with the skills and accreditation assistance that promotes enabling platforms for learning and professional development in Occupational Safety and Health in the public and private sectors.
  • To focus on our key areas of interest and maintain our motto "Promoting Safety, saving lives".
  • Ensure that every member abides by the professional ethics of the Association, in the service to humanity.