OSHAssociation UK- OSH Seminar and Fellowship Investiture held at Excel London

It was a great and exciting moment in London, as SAFETY & HEALTH EXPO team and OSHAssociation UK Management team welcome international members to OSH Seminar held at Excel London, United Kingdom.

The event which gathered over 40,000 health and safety professionals from around the world, aim at shaping the world in the areas of health and safety.

No doubt, many developing Nations are now emulating and implementing the British Safety Standards as a reference point, One of the targets of OSHAssociation is ensuring that safety best practices are channeled down to the grassroots, the public and private and public sectors inclusive.

David Smith the executive director of OSHAssociation Uk, Urged members and professionals to show more commitment to improving safety at workplaces, stating that “We are ready to work together with everyone to ensure the safety of workers globally”.

Dr. Karen, Head of Scotland RoSPA, during her presentation adviced OSHAssociation members to get connected with safety experts in the industry, to catch up with the opportunities in the safety and health sector. Another interesting paper was from Dr. Waleed Montasser, who spoke on Environmental waste and opportunities, including other speakers.

Investiture of new Fellows and members into the OSHAssociation UK was an interesting moment for everyone to network with top executives from different countries.

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